Adrian P. Adam - M.D. (Romania)

All processes existing at the level of the living matter and specially at the level of human body are being carried out by the intervention of an electromagnetic wave, which is identical with the QI ENERGY in Chinese medicine. Extrapolating to physics any living being is a "RECEIVER" and a "TRANSMITTER" of electromagnetic waves. In the Chinese Traditional Medicine. the human body can be compared to a magnet by extrapolation. The generalized equation, according to the time coefficient for the circadian cycle are:

H*cos (ω*t + T)

H = is a length of wave, calculated according to the formula:

H*cos (ω*t + T) = λ = 300*R*C = DIRECT WAVE [m]


R = body general resistance (Kohm)

C = general capacity (nF)

ω = circadian pulsation which has the value of 360 gr. in 24 hours * ω pulsation beings at 3h0’ 0" clock in the morning, when its value is 0. The ω pulsation continues to increase with 30 gr. for each meridian.

t = is the circadian time and it begins at 3h0’ 0" clock in the morning and correspond to the beginning of the Lung meridian, where the human energetical circulation is initiated.

T = is the stage from the time origin, represents the number of days lived by each individual since his birth. The meridian is the biologic tuning for the length of the different waves of "QI ENERGY", which transmits the cosmic information to the body.

The calculation of cosinus, sinus, tangential and contangential series permits to demonstrate the values of the 4 types of waves that compound the "QI ENERGY"


LIGHT (I = micro m)



The direct wave appears in the stratum E. Heaviside of the ionosphere. The intensity of the atmospheric electromagnetic fields is minim at 3h0’ 0" clock in the morning and corresponds to the shortest length of the direct wave. At this time, the Lung meridian has the maximum energetical activity and the energetic circulation begins with it (see Table I).

The wave length increases, reaching its maximum value at 15h0’ 0"clock, when it coincides with tile end of the meridian SMALL INTESTINE AND THE BEGINING OF THE MERIDlAN URINARY BLADDER. After l5h0’ 0" clock a decrease of the wave. Lengter observed for the meridians that follow the course of the energetical circulation reaching the minimum value at about 3h 0’0" clock, when the circuit is resumed (see table). The capacity of each meridian increases in the same rhythm. The frequence ( Hz ) is in on inverted rotation with the other parameters. It is maximum at 3h 0’0" clock, when the energetic cycle is initiated, getting down to the minimum level at 15h 0’0" clocks and then it goes back to the maximum value at about 3h 0’0" clock in the morning. Taking into consideration the inclination angle of the Earth axis, the seasonal, monthly and early values of the parameters mentioned above can be calculated.

We have carried out the measurements with a Digital meter RLC 0711 manufactured by IAEMI Bucharest. The measured parameters were: THE GENERAL RESISTANCE OF THE BODY AND THE GENERAL CAPACITY. From these parameters we have calculated for each hour and Chinese meridian (see table), the wave length (m), the frequency (kHz), the value in degrees (Ko) for each meridian and the capacity (nF). The measurement of these parameters permits the diagnose of the lack of energetical equilibrium and the discovery of the affected meridian by simply comparing the wave length or the measured capacity at a certain hour, with the theoretical value of the wave length corresponding to the respective moment. The wave length can be longer or shorter than the theoretical one, depending on the excess or the lack of energy.